Opocno Monastery

Opocno Monastery


The Capuchin monastery is located in the center of the town of Opočno at the northeastern edge of Kupkova náměstí. Its history dates back to 1674, when the foundation stone of this baroque complex was laid. The construction was initiated by the Capuchin order with the support of the former owner of the Opočno estate, Count Ludvík Colloredo-Waldsee, and continued until 1677. The monastery area underwent further modifications after a fire in 1733, and in 1761 it was expanded with a cloister with the chapel of St. Mary. It served its purpose until the 20th century. In later years, it was used for the study of Capuchins, as well as an orphanage run by nuns and a nursing home for elderly members of male religious orders. The Institute of Social Care from Hradec Králové was the last one to be located here, after its relocation the monastery has been unused since 2007.

Development strategy

The project for the Community Garden of the Capuchin Monastery in Opočno was the first step towards revitalizing the monastery complex, but already during the project it was necessary to reflect on its future destiny. Therefore, the needs of the town of Opočno were carefully mapped out and interviews were conducted with its representatives and local residents. Two public discussions were held in June and August 2023, at which Opočno residents could present their own ideas on new ways the monastery could be used.

These suggestions were elaborated by the architectural studio City Upgrade into a development strategy for the Monastery, which is available in full at www.opocno.cityupgrade.cz. On the basis of all the suggestions gathered, a draft concept for the new utilisation of the Monastery was created and presented publicly on 1 October 2023 in the Monastery Garden. This concept serves for reflections on the future potential direction of the Monastery after the project ends and will be further developed and discussed.