The project’s main objective is to open the Garden of the Capuchin Monastery in Opočno – the Monastery Garden – and bring new life to it through cultural and educational activities.

Project tasks:

  • To strenghten cultural heritage management
  • To educate the public about the cultural heritage management and its innovative use
  • To encourage the cultural managers in cultural heritage revitalization
  • To involve the local people, including all social groups, in the creating process of the community garden in order to strengthen their relationship to the monastery and support the development of the community itself
  • To create an „oasis of calm“ in the monastery garden by purchasing park equipement (= outdoor furniture)
  • To revitalize the monastery garden with cultural events

In order to reach the project task, Fjellugla Komeptanse will participate in the implementation of the educational activities. The partner organisation will lead the workshop of creating benches for the monastery garden and educatinal seminars about cultural heritage management for the local community and self-government. Further educational trainings will focus on cultural managers and will contribute to the increase of cultural management proffesionals specialized in the revitalization and reuse of cultural monuments.

Project results:

  • Re-opening of the long-term closed cultural heritage monument
  • Partial revitalization of the monastery garden that will be used as a platorm for organizing cultural events and leisure activities
  • Strategic plan for the future use of the monastery and its sustainable management created by using participatory methods

The community garden project will be the first step in the entire monastery revitalization. It has great social, cultural and economic potential for the future of Opočno town and its inhabitants.